The Lund Report Launches Real-Time News

Nozzl Media's proprietary real-time streaming technology hits the nation's first specialty web publication.
The Lund Report
June 7, 2010 -- The Lund Report, the first Web site dedicated to educating Oregonians about the inner workings of the healthcare industry, today launched a service that will deliver unprecedented statewide health industry news in real time.
News content will come through a box on the left hand side of the page, where information flows from more than 170 content sources. They include hospitals, advocacy and professional groups, health insurers, and local, state and federal health agencies.
The real-time technology, provided by Portland-based Nozzl Media Inc., will stream news updates to The Lund Report's home page as they are posted to the Internet.
Readers can view the news stream at
The Lund Report is the nation's first specialty web publication to use Nozzl Media's proprietary real-time streaming technology.
“We’re extremely excited about providing our readers with this new technology which will give them up-to-date information about our complex healthcare system,” said Diane Lund-Muzikant, editor of The Lund Report. 
"Nozzl Media is eager to demonstrate our ability to provide The Lund Report's readers with literally up-to-the-minute updates about valuable information such as insurance company filings, doctor licenses, and news from dozens of health-related organizations," said Steve Woodward, chief executive officer of Nozzl Media. "Diane's two decades of reporting on Oregon healthcare make her and The Lund Report perfect partners for us."
About Nozzl Media Inc.
Nozzl Media was formed in Portland in 2009 when a group of journalists and programmers took on the challenge of finding a way to help local news organizations survive in an era of declining revenue. The company is building technology that delivers hyper-local streams of news, public records and social conversation to news websites and across mobile devices.


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