Linda Fleming retires from CLHO

January 14, 2010 -- After spending 21 years as executive director of CLHO, Linda Fleming stepped down on Dec. 31. As the organization’s first executive director, she was a strong public health advocate on behalf of the state’s local health departments. Traveling 20,000 miles a year, she also advised the Department of Human Services on public health standards and programming.  

Fleming isn’t sitting back on her laurels. Instead she’s joined the board of Community Health Partnership/Oregon’s Public Health Institute and the Gilliam/Wheeler Mental Health Advisory Board.
A search committee chaired by Jan Wallinder, who manages maternal and child health for Multnomah County’s Health Department, will choose her successor. “Right now the committee is taking a look at what they expect from a new executive director and hope to fill the position by spring,” Fleming said. 

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