Effort To Make Ore. Hospitals Post Prices Misses Legislative Deadline

An effort to make Oregon hospitals give consumers up-front prices, had a setback in Salem Tuesday.

Senate Bill 891 didn't meet Tuesday's deadline for all ongoing bills to clear committee.

Jesse O'Brien with the Oregon Public Interest Research Group said lobbying killed it.

"The health care industry's strong opposition to increased price transparency has dealt Oregon consumers a real set back," he said. "However, we are not giving up."The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems was one of the groups opposed to the bill. Spokesman Philip Schmidt said the group supports another bill, which would require the state to set up a website showing the median price of hospital procedures. "Consumers would get a good ballpark estimate of what was being charged and paid at each hospital around the state, and be able to do comparison shopping frankly," said  Schmidt.

There's some concern about that bill because of its cost to the state budget. It's been referred to the Ways and Means Committee.

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