Educate Yourself with a Collection of Useful Links

We've compiled a list of useful links where you can learn more about the healthcare industry and search for complaint records.
If you thought navigating the healthcare system was hard, try finding   financial information about the industry, or what's happening with insurance rates or hospital quality data. We sifted the Internet and put together this list of resources. 

Nursing home and assisted living facility complaints

Before you enroll a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility search substantiated complaints here.

Insurance complaint statistics

Find out how many complaints are filed against insurance companies or Medicare Advantage plans. The Department of Consumer and Business Services keeps those records here.

Insurance enrollment data

See how many people are rejected for individual coverage or how many people are enrolled in Medicare Advantage or other types of health insurance through this on-line resource.

Insurance benefit plan reports

The following reports were mandated through the passage of Senate Bill 501 in the 2005 legislature. The information accessed here includes membership and financial data.

Insurance rate filings

The Oregon Insurance Division publishes proposed and approved rate requests from Oregon insurance companies here.

Request external review

Find out how you can contest an insurance rate hike through the Department of Consumer and Businesses Services here.

Health insurance in Oregon report

State regulators publish a report detailing the state of the health insurance industry each year. You can find the latest report here.

Compare hospital cost

Information about the average costs for certain hospital procedures can be found through the Office of Health Policy and Research here.

Hospital quality comparisons

Compare hospital mortality rates on certain common procedures here.

Charity care reporting

Hospitals began reporting charity care information and community benefits following the 2007 legislative session. You can access the latest reports here.

Hospital infection rate reporting

Follow the ongoing attempts to publicly report hospital infection rates here.

Seclusion and restraint data 

Oregon's Addictions and Mental Health Division publishes information here on the number of patients who are either secluded or restrained in hospitals in Oregon. State officials plan to update this information on a quarterly basis.

Oregon Health Plan

Learn how to apply for the Oregon Health Plan, which services are covered and the latest enrollment statistics by the managed care plans (physical, mental and dental)

Oregon health policy information

To follow healthcare trends in Oregon, compare hospital costs, and health reform measures considered by the Oregon Legislature, log onto the Office of Oregon Health Policy and Research.

Nationwide healthcare developments

Known as the Health Care Blog, this independent voice tracks the latest developments in the health care indusgtry and national health reform measures.

Health facts about Oregon and other states

The Kaiser Family Foundation tracks healthcare demographics and also looks at the costs of running the Medicare and Medicaid programs, presenting national and state analysis.        

National healthcare perspective

The president and CEO of Kaiser Family Foundaton, Drew Altman, PhD, shares his opinion on critical healthcare issues.

Disease Statistics for Oregon and Other States

Learn about the health of Oregon compared to other states from Trust for America, a non-profit, non-partisan website that focuses on disease prevention. This organization tracks diseases for adults, children and adolescents including obesity, cancer, asthma and Alzheimer's, among others.

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