Doctors Reap $1.6 Million from Malpractice Insurer

While malpractice rates remain flat, a reform task force holds its first meeting May 17
April 15, 2010 – As state officials gear up to consider reforming Oregon’s malpractice laws, physicians are getting a reprieve.
CNA, one of the largest malpractice insurers, has announced that its rates will remain flat this year, according to Dr. Charles Rosenblatt, who chairs the professional consultation committee on behalf of the Oregon Medical Association.
In 2009, that same insurer returned $1.6 million in profit sharing to 1,900 physicians -- based on revenue not spent four years earlier on malpractice claims.
At the same time, a 15-member medical liability task force comprised of physicians, attorneys and public officials is scheduled to hold its first meeting on May 17 from 1-3 p.m. at the Wilsonville Training Center. Lynn-Marie Crider and Dr. Jeanine Smith with the Office of Oregon Health Policy and Research, will staff those meetings.
That group, appointed by the Oregon Health Policy Board, will examine state medical liability laws, take a look at their impact on the cost and delivery of healthcare and make recommendations to the Policy Board and the Oregon Legislature when it convenes next February.  
State officials have also applied for a $300,000 federal planning grant to conduct research on tort reform. They’ll learn the outcome in September, according to Sean Kolmer, deputy administrator of the Office of Oregon Health Policy and Research, who submitted the grant with Jim Dameron, executive director of the Patient Safety Commission.

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