Congress Should Put Off Reform

Why a Democrat thinks its the wrong time for health reform

November 12, 2009 -- Although I voted for the Democratic ticket, here’s why I urged our Oregon Senators to oppose the health insurance reform bill passed by the D-controlled House:

This is not the time to buy another government program. The deficit is a roaring fire fueled by two wars and an economy suffering from the delusion that we can have it all without paying for it. I am unconvinced that adding millions of people to coverage can be paid for by savings in other programs or by taxing the “wealthy.” That line will move down as costs swell and insurance companies plead for a bailout from the government. 
It is time for Congress to wipe the political egg off their collective face and push these reform efforts back to a time when the unemployment rate falls to a more reasonable number. My family spends less when we have less income, and Congress needs to be just as accountable.
Second, for those of us who fought hard to make abortion an accessible procedure instead of a criminal act, this legislation is impossible to support. How casually the Democrats threw this monkey wrench into the Senate at the request of church lobbying about insurance regulation. The wholesale sellout on this issue by the Democrats in the House leaves me shaking my head and re-registering as an Independent.
Jane B. Myers, now retired, lobbied the Oregon Legislature for 20 years, the majority of the time on healthcare issues.