Clarke Retires From Quality Non-Profit

Nancy Clarke led the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation

June 24, 2010 -- Dear Friends of the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation:

With great reluctance, the Board of Directors of the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation is announcing that Nancy Clarke will be leaving her position as Executive Director. Nancy has concluded that a 31-year career in community service is enough, and has decided that it is time to retire so that she can pursue interests in music. She hopes to assist with a transition to new leadership by the end of the calendar year.

Under Nancy’s leadership for the past five-plus years the Quality Corp has evolved from a “good idea” to a robust organization that is making a substantive difference in Oregon health care. With her excellent facilitation skills she has helped leaders from provider groups, purchasers, health plans, and consumer organizations realize their shared ambitions to measure and improve the quality and value of health care in Oregon. Nancy came to the Quality Corp committed to meeting the legal, technical, political and practical challenges of building systems for using data to improve patient care. With her creativity, collaboration skills and ceaseless energy, she has helped put building blocks in place that the community partners can use for years to come, including a clinic and provider directory, a 10-health plan claims data warehouse, a secure portal that exchanges electronic health information and an accolade-winning consumer website. Her leadership has also put Oregon on the national map as a community that is successful at measuring primary care quality and engaging consumers in understanding why health care quality matters.

The Board concurs with Nancy that the Quality Corp is now in a very strong position to recruit staff leadership that can take Oregon collaboration to the next level. The funding base continues to grow, and opportunities for new partnerships abound. The Board’s search for a new executive begins immediately with a thorough evaluation of what the organization needs in order to serve the community. The recruitment process will find a successor who can execute the vision of the Quality Corp’s stakeholders and valued partners.

We are grateful for the hard work that Nancy has devoted to the Quality Corp. Please contact me via [email protected] with any questions you may have about the Quality Corp and its transition.

Ralph Prows, MD, Board Chair