Cities Think Walking To School Is Good For Health

Tigard and Milwaukie are the first cities in the Portland area to pass resolutions asking Metro to make it safer for kids to walk to school.

LeeAnne Fergason with For Every Kid estimates that walking to school could meet 60 percent of the average child's daily physical activity need. "One in four kids in Oregon is considered unhealthy and obese and at risk for related diseases," she said.

Metro spokesman, Jim Middaugh said the agency has funds for making streets safer around school, but it's a competitive process. "This is the beginning of several steps in an effort to pick the most important projects in the Portland Metropolitan area that will help all of us spend less time in traffic and more time with our friends and family," he said.

Some communities are also setting up what are called "Walking School Buses" and "Bike Trains," where kids meet up for their trip to school -- and benefit from the safety in numbers.

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