AARP Oregon Responds to Rep. Paul Ryan’s Budget Plan

This budget proposal upends vital programs without addressing skyrocketing health care costs

April 12, 2011 -- We agree with Chairman Paul Ryan that our nation’s long-term finances deserve attention, but this budget proposal upends vital programs for health and retirement security without addressing the underlying problem of skyrocketing healthcare costs.
We have strong concerns that the proposal would shift healthcare costs to seniors and the disabled—the people who can least afford an increase in cost—by replacing traditional Medicare with a system of more costly private health plans.
Medicare’s contribution to those plans would rise more slowly than healthcare costs, forcing Oregon’s seniors to pay more out of pocket over time.
Oregonians tell us overwhelmingly that they’d like to age in their own homes and communities. Rep. Ryan’s proposal would convert Medicaid to a block grant program, which could lead states to drop coverage for older Oregonians who rely on the program for long-term care in nursing homes or services that help them live with dignity in their own homes.
The budget would also repeal important new health protections and benefits, causing people in the Medicare ‘doughnut hole’ to pay more for their prescription drugs and allowing insurance companies to continue denying affordable coverage based on a person’s age and health history.
As this budget acknowledges, any changes to Social Security must be focused on ensuring the retirement security of present and future retirees, and not simply to reduce the deficit.
AARP Oregon agrees that protecting and strengthening Social Security must be done on a bipartisan basis, and we welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation with our membership and all Americans about how to achieve that goal.
Jerry Cohen is AARP Oregon state director.
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Paul Ryan is about the only politician who makes sense. "We senior Americans" have not paid for Medicare nor do we pay for Social Security. Younger people pay for both just as they always have. Medicare should be put on a voucher system as soon as possible so that older people can once and for all begin to understand how costly medical care really is for its greatest utilizers - older people - and make cost and expense choices based on common sense rather than a sense of entitlement. Raise the taxes on the wealthy indeed! Those who are the wealthy in this country pay 40 percent of the taxes and yet only constitute one percent of the population. Meanwhile 50 percent of us pay nothing in taxes, including an enormous number of senior citizens. While you and President Obama seem reduced to engaging in class warfare based on wealth, people with common sense would like to see the federal government drastically reduce its sinful deficit by stopping its profligrate spending before looking for more sources of revenue, regardless of who they propose to obtain it from. The problem is not the need for more revenue; and the solution is far less spending.

You are either the most stupid person I've read this morning, or (as I suspect) you're a paid troll extolling the virtues of the Republican conservative talking toady points here. If you are indeed a senior, that means you paid for someone else before you. Who do you think you're fooling with this sham of a post?

The Ryan Plan is the ultimate death panel plan because it is not grounded in actuarial reality or common sense. Why? Few if any private health insurance carriers are going to insure seniors--especially those with preexisting health problems, which most seniors have to one degree or another. And the older the senior, the less likely that he or she will be insured because with greater age, as insurance companies know all too well, comes greater health risk and actuarial cost. In other words, the Ryan Plan with its vouchers will never provide the security that Medicare guarantees for those 65 or older, or those who are disabled. Yes, Medicare is in need of radical reform, especially in regard to its uncompetitive practices that inflate the price paid for goods and services, but the Ryan Plan is not a viable solution. In fact, the Ryan Plan is a euphemism for a subtle form of euthanasia and elder abuse, because the Ryan Plan abandons seniors to the mercy of private insurers for whom health care is a venture for profit not HEALTH CARE or public service. Health insurers want young, healthy, risk-free members who can increase their bottom lines and stuff their pockets with premiums, not the elderly, who will always be seen by insurance profiteers and those Republicans in love with the rich, as mere liabilities. When money is God, even your parents and grandparents are seen as obstacles to personal wealth and profit. When money is God, even your parents and grandparents are seen as obstacles to personal wealth and profit. The Ryan Plan is the ultimate death panel plan because once you turn 65 you will no longer receive affordable medical care--or medical care period—so many seniors will suffer and die far short of average life expectancy. Seniors, those who have lived long in this world and perhaps gained a touch of wisdom with their longevity have witnessed many forms of evil that make human beings disposable, from the holocaust of the Nazis to various types of genocide, patricide, matricide, parenticide, fratricide, sororicide, viricide, uxoricide, filicide, parricide, and infanticide, but now with the Ryan Plan we can add a new term to the long list of murders, of . . . cides (from the Latin, caedere, to kill). We can now proudly add the word ELDERCIDE to our long list of human atrocities and homicides. Those who support the Ryan Plan have found one more way to kill: caedere. Contact your Congresspersons and Senators to demand a NO Vote for the Ryan Plan that will kill Medicare and send many seniors and disabled to an early grave. Say NO to The Ryan Eldercide Plan Proposal. Voting for the Ryan Plan is complicity in murder. Gerhardt Jacobs

One thing to think about if you are a younger American is how this will affect your family. I have had three grandparents with cancer and I would pay MORE toward Medicare. Due to Medicare, my parents never had to quit their jobs and uproot their lives to take care of them in their time of illness. It is completely insane to believe that an insurance company is going to insure an elderly cancer patient. A voucher for $5, $10 or even $20,000 is in no way going to buy insurance for a person that has $50 or $100 thousand dollars in medical bills. This is why Medicare was developed and to gut it in order to drop the top tax rate from 35 to 25 percent is ridiculous.

what's kind of funny is so many old people are crabby teabaggers who were gloating about the huge Repug win -- and now they're collectively thrown under the bus. I will be happy to see Ryan beaten with canes & walkers now (that's the only hope for America -- for the paid off teabagger-types to finally get fired up about the corporate whorebags, not paid off by the Koch bros types).