‘Not specified’ gender choice coming to driver licenses

Third option on driver licenses, instruction permits and ID cards available starting July 3

Beginning in July, Oregon residents will have the option to mark their sex as “not specified” on their application for a driver license, instruction permit or identification card.
Under a new administrative rule approved June 15 by the Oregon Transportation Commission, card holders who do not wish to identify as either male or female will have a third option when they obtain, renew or replace their license, instruction permit or ID card at Oregon DMV. An X will appear instead of M or F in Oregon driver records and on the driver license, instruction permit or ID card.

The new rule came about after an Oregon resident’s court order authorized a sex change from female to “non-binary.” In order to comply with the order, DMV needed about a year to implement the change. Time was required to study state laws, update computer systems, work with business partners such as law enforcement and courts, and change administrative rules.

If you wish to make a change on your card more than a year before your renewal date, you must pay a replacement fee.

Any time you need to visit an Oregon DMV office in person, DMV suggests that you first visit OregonDMV.com to find office hours and locations, and to make sure you have everything you need before your visit. You can do some DMV business from home at OregonDMV.com, but you cannot obtain, renew or replace a driver license, instruction permit or ID card online.

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