Democratic Majority Melting Away in Oregon Legislature

Sen. Alan Bates pulls ahead as final votes counted on Nov. 4

November 3, 2010 -- Time for a quick morning run-through of the Legislative races that have given the Republicans several stunning victories and could produce partisan ties in both chambers.

In the state Senate, Democrats have definitely lost one seat - House District 26 where Hood River Commissioner Chuck Thomsen beat state Rep. Brent Barton, D-Clacakamas. And is sure looks to me that Sen. Alan Bates, D-Ashland has been beaten by Republican Dave Dotterrer in Jackson County.

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Nov. 4 UPDATE: Sen. Alan Bates pulls ahead

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It is irrelevant that Democratic state senator Alan Bates has been reelected. Bates was part of the problem NOT the solution to Oregon's moral and economic health care crisis. Bates opposed Single Payer and was part of the Democratic leadership that DENIED Oregonians that supported Single Payer their right to be heard on the issue. Bates and his colleagues left behind a complex, illegitimate and mostly UNFUNDED BILLION dollar health care legislation. $ 700,000,000 in UNFUNDED NEW TAXES remain on the table to pay for Bates and company's folly. There is no way, facing a 3.2 BILLION dollar shortfall and an evenly divided House that Bates and his coconspirators are going to raise $700,000,000 in NEW TAXES. It's time for governor-elect Kitzhaber and the Oregon legislature to consider the Oregon Community Health Care Bill. It puts all public employees in Oregon under the same health care umbrella and invites Oregonians to join in on a sliding scale of income. It is based on Kitzhaber's most significant achievement when he last was governor, namely, the Oregon Health Plan. The Oregon Community Health Care Bill is a Single Payer type health care plan. It has several key advantages: 1. Requires NO NEW TAXES. 2. Participants control premium costs. 3. Removes burden on businesses and governments to negotiate health care contracts with employees and providers. The Oregon Community Health Care Bill is BETTER than the 2007 Democrats Disaster. The 2007 Health care debacle will NOT be funded so it's time to look elsewhere for another solution. The Oregon Community Health Care Bill is that solution. Richard Ellmyer Author, Oregon Community Health Care Bill