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PCMA Launches New Oregon Ad Campaign: 'That's What PBMs Do'

The Lund Report
Focuses on Increased Safety, Savings, and Convenience PBMs Provide Consumers and Payers

February 7, 2012 -- The Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) launched a new ad campaign in Oregon that highlights the core value proposition of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). The ad campaign - "That's What PBMs Do" - focuses on key themes including:

PBMs lower costs for employers, unions, and consumers

PBM mail-service pharmacies improve safety, savings, and convenience

PBMs help patients make informed prescription drug decisions and improve adherence.

Brand Drug ‘Copay Coupons’ Undermine Generics, Raise Health Costs by $338 Million in Oregon

The Lund Report
Copay ‘Kickbacks’ Banned in Medicare, Unregulated in Oregon

November 29, 2011 -- The proliferation of brand drug “copay coupon” promotions, which lure insured consumers from generics to more expensive brands, will increase costs by $338 million in Oregon over the next decade for employers, unions, and state employee plans, according to new research from Visante and released by the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA).

The use of these promotions by state and local government workers alone will cost Oregon taxpayers an extra $58 million over ten years.

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