Jonathan Modie

Oregon sees gains in access to HIV prevention, treatment medications

But too few Oregonians are getting tested, 'End HIV' progress report says

Increased access to viral suppression medication that makes a person living with HIV less infectious, and to medication that prevents infection in the first place, are helping lay the groundwork for eliminating new transmissions in Oregon, according to a new report. 

Oregon Cannabis Commission meets December 8 in Portland

What: The first quarterly meeting of the Oregon Cannabis Commission as a newly established commission 

Agenda: Presentation by the Oregon Department of Justice on commission ethics and communication; election of the chair; creation of bylaws; legislative report; meeting dates 

Antibiotics still frequently--and inappropriately--used for viruses

But OHA physician says their unnecessary use has been on decline since '08

Unnecessary use of antibiotics on viruses, which can lead to dangerous antibiotic resistance, is on the decline. Work still needs to be done in Oregon to discourage inappropriate prescribing of these drugs for non-bacterial illnesses, state officials say. 


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