Chris Apgar

It’s Time to Strengthen Community-Based Mental Health

The Lund Report
Before moving people out of Oregon State Hospital, officials should heed the warning by the U.S. Department of Justice
December 7, 2010 – Individuals with mental illnesses are better served in the community at a lower cost to the state, but I don’t necessarily agree that merely transferring individuals back to communities from in-patient or residential settings improves the quality of care, especially if the re

Pound Wise and Penny Foolish

Personal experience shows that short-sighted insurance denials cost more in the end.

Healthcare reform seems to be on everyone’s mind. There is a definite need to push through the morass and work toward real healthcare reform. The “fluff” or “pie in the sky” statements may sound wonderful as they flash across our television screens, but they really mean nothing. It’s time for action, not just posing for the media. 

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