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Oregon health officials are weighing various options for enrollment and rates.

The Oregon Health Authority is three months out from requesting applications to manage the next overhaul of Oregon’s Medicaid program, but key logistics remain unclear.

Nov 19 2018
A researcher at Oregon State University found that it's not the stress itself but a person's emotional reaction to it that can affect their brain health later in life.

Taking typical daily annoyances such as a long wait at the doctor’s office or a traffic jam on the freeway in stride may help preserve brain health in older adults, while emotional reactions could contribute to declines in cognition, a new study from Oregon State University has found.

Nov 19 2018

After the recent mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, Calif., in which 11 people were killed at a country music bar, President Donald Trump struck a familiar refrain: “It’s a mental health problem,” he said of the gunman, Ian David Long. “He was a very sick puppy.”

Nov 19 2018
The outbreak of turkey parts, whole birds and ground turkey has sickened 164 people in 35 states, including Oregon, and one person has died.

As Americans prepare to cook and consume nearly 50 million turkeys on Thanksgiving Day, an ongoing outbreak of salmonella poisoning linked to the poultry means food safety at home is more critical than ever.

Nov 19 2018
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Oregon’s Medicaid providers struggle to meet the demand for mental health care. As a result, patients in distress have to wait weeks for care.

Heika Wilson controlled her bipolar disorder for years with medication and regular visits to a therapist. When her husband developed his 3D printing business, she was there to help.

Nov 18 2018
The high cost of cutting-edge tests and treatments is threatening to keep precision medicine — one of the most celebrated areas in cancer research — out of reach for many patients.

When Kristen Kilmer was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer at age 38, her first thought was of her 8-year-old daughter. Kilmer had lost her own mother as a teenager and was determined to get more time with her only child.

Nov 17 2018
Nay & Friedenberg were honored for their service to older Oregonians. 

Portland law firm Nay & Friedenberg received an Age-Friendly Business Award for its outstanding service to older adults. The award was created by the Age-Friendly Portland Advisory Council and was given by Elders in Action and Venture Portland in partnership with the City of Portland.

Nov 15 2018
Oregon Health Forum attendees urged Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to immediately address public health crises such as hygiene, public defecation and exposure at a Thursday breakfast forum.

Community members, advocates and caregivers for the homeless urged Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to address the homeless population’s immediate need for hygiene services such as showers and porta potties in order to prevent a public health crisis.

Nov 15 2018
Oregon State University scientists looked at factors linked to cases of common variable immunodeficiency, which afflicts thousands of people worldwide and often prevents them from absorbing nutrients.


Oregon State University researchers have discovered two key factors behind the intestinal inflammation that plagues people suffering from a disorder that affects their immune system.

Nov 14 2018
Attackers hacked into a tool used by insurance agents and brokers to sign people up for coverage.

A data breach of a tool used to enroll people in health care plans exposed the personal information of at least 1,094 Oregonians.

Nov 13 2018