The state has the highest mortality rate in the country but a move by the Oregon Health Authority to expand expensive treatment could wipe out the virus, if medical modeling is correct.

The Oregon Health Authority is moving to expand treatment for hepatitis C to everyone on the Oregon Health Plan who’s infected.

Dec 3 2018
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The Oregon Health Authority asked Gov. Kate Brown to hike taxes on beer and wine but she balked, saying it would be too hard a lift. But the issue is likely to come up again in the legislative session next year.

In their recent budget pitch, experts at the Oregon Health Authority were clear in declaring “excessive alcohol use” a scourge that fuels domestic violence and leads to birth defects, car wrecks, liver disease and cancer, killing some 2,000 people a year in Oregon.  

Dec 3 2018
Oregon is likely to see more heat-related deaths, and extremes in weather could create more chronic health issues and lead to more stress, the report says.

Climate change is already having a tangible impact on the Pacific Northwest, and Oregon’s health care and social systems will likely bear a significant burden.

Dec 2 2018
A lead OHSU researcher joins the criticism against the use of gene editing of normal embryos, saying the CRISPR technology holds tremendous promise but needs to be used responsibly.

News broke this week from Hong Kong of the first gene-modified babies, born in China; the revelation struck close to home here at OHSU.

Nov 30 2018
Enrollment for 2019, which runs through Dec. 15, is lagging by nearly 20 percent even though subsidies are available for a family of four earning up to $100,000 and individuals who make $48,000.

Oregonians who are not on Medicaid, Medicare or covered by their employer only have two more weeks to sign up for health insurance for next year.

Nov 30 2018
Brown did not ask for a tax on beer or wine in her budget but it does seek a 5 percent increase in the liquor markup -- now at 104 percent -- and a plan to double alcohol licensing fees.

As she finalized her budget proposal for the next two years, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown made no secret of the fact she’d push for higher tobacco taxes, which she believes should play a larger role in funding health care.

Nov 30 2018

Thanks to close work among a business owner, a local faith community, an experienced nonprofit, and the City of Portland and Multnomah County’s Joint Office of Homeless Services, a seasonal shelter for 75 children and their parents is set to open in Northwest Portland on Monday, Dec. 3.

Nov 30 2018
Under proposals from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, states would have more flexibility to create lower-cost insurance plans which could attract healthier individuals from the marketplace.

On his first day in office, as part of his mission to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, President Donald Trump signed an order

Nov 30 2018
Three lawmakers who will lead the U.S. House next year are among the biggest recipients of campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry.

Three of the lawmakers who will lead the House next year as Congress focuses on skyrocketing drug costs are among the biggest recipients of campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, a new KHN analysis shows.

Nov 29 2018
The state announced that coverage areas in its next round of Medicaid coverage will be based on county lines, not Zip codes, though there may be exceptions.

The Oregon Health Authority announced coverage areas for the next round of the state’s Medicaid system on Wednesday based on county lines rather than Zip codes, which is the case now.

Nov 29 2018