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The health benefit plan for teachers gave more than $10 million in incentives to members over the past four school years but was hampered in its attempts to verify whether the Healthy Futures program made members healthier or saved money.

The Oregon Educators Benefit Board spent $10.5 million on a wellness program its advisors now say didn’t show results in improving the health of its members, and OEBB had no way of knowing if it saved money on medical costs.

Apr 20 2018
Andrew Stolfi, who was hired in December, plans to reassess the state’s geographic insurance rating system, with an eye to increasing access in rural Oregon. He previously worked at an international insurance body in Switzerland and before that led the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Andrew Stolfi, Oregon’s newest insurance commissioner, started far afield from insurance, finance and health plans.

Apr 13 2018
The former director of the Department of Consumer & Business Services balked at the idea that there was any secret plan to crush defunct CCO FamilyCare. He also said neither he nor Gov. Brown have any interest in enacting Medicaid work requirements desired by conservative states.

Oregon Health Authority Director Pat Allen came on the job seven months ago amid a furor over the treatment of one of the state’s largest Medicaid plans, the last in a string of problems that doomed his successor.

Apr 11 2018
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The judge ordered the Oregon Health Authority to release documents related to coordinated care organization rate setting, though the legal dispute is far from over.

FamilyCare inched one step forward last Friday in its years-long series of legal disputes with the Oregon Heal

Apr 11 2018
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About two-thirds of consumers in Democratic counties, particularly Hood River and the Portland metro, received subsidies for insurance, while far more received subsidies in rural, Republican Oregon.

Consumers in Eastern Oregon were overwhelmingly helped with Obamacare subsidies for the 2018 plan year, disproportionately receiving premium assistance compared to their fellow Oregonians in the rainy part of the state.

Apr 6 2018
OHSU Chairman Wayne Monfries, right, reads a resolution to rename the Collaborative Life Sciences Building, as Dr. Joe Robertson, third from left, looks on.
The university plans to announce three top candidates to replace Joe Robertson by later this month, as the end nears to his 12 years as president of OHSU.

The search to replace Oregon Health & Science University President Joe Robertson is picking up steam, and the search committee expects to name its finalists by the week of April 17.

Apr 5 2018
The public board that guides Oregon Health Authority policy is making progress on multiple fronts, but may need action from the Legislature to meet the state’s healthcare goals.

The jugglers on the Oregon Health Policy Board kept their balls in the air on Tuesday as they explored a raft of issues facing the state: expanding and supporting the healthcare workforce; making Medicaid more effective throug

Apr 5 2018
The board tried to avoid cuts to teachers’ health benefits by encouraging them to shift to coordinated care, by cutting administrative costs and by offering more catastrophic plans, but some small benefit cuts were enacted for the next school year.

The Oregon Educators Benefit Board approved a list of creative solutions to keep the health benefits for the state’s teachers below the caps mandated by the Legislature.

Apr 4 2018

Oregonians need better information about health care costs, according to a new report from the consumer watchdog group OSPIRG.

The report says opaque health care prices mean Oregonians are both paying more and have less ability to make informed decisions.

Mar 30 2018
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A review of the top-paid PERS recipients in Oregon finds that Oregon Health and Science University dominates the list.

More than half of the top-payed PERS retirees in Oregon once worked at OHSU – including one doctor who gets $57,078 per month from the Public Employees Retirement System even though his medical license was revoked after he left his job there.

Mar 28 2018