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With PeaceHealth expected to face financial losses, insiders speculate that possible deterioration of the Catholic nonprofit’s bond rating could prompt renewed merger talks with Providence.

PeaceHealth the healthcare giant based in Vancouver, Wash., appears to be on a downward spiral, with news that two more high level executives have handed in their resignations.

Apr 21 2017
Pressure from industry groups left the Environment Committee with a bill that will do little more than hand out money from the Volkswagen settlement to replace old engines. Sen. Dembrow wanted a tougher bill that would require off-road equipment to register as cars and trucks do, and phase-out the use of outdated diesel engines that poison the air.

The Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee managed to pass only a gutted version of a bill to take dirty diesel engines out of Oregon, but chief sponsor Sen.

Apr 19 2017
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The data reveals an increase in charity care spending that seems to coincide with a decline in Medicaid enrollment last year. But there was wide variation across the state, with some rural hospitals still seeing charity care expenses continue to fall.

More patients struggled to pay their hospital bills in 2016 than the year before, in yet further evidence of a slight retrenchment in Affordable Care Act gains, according to a Lund Report analysis of financial data reported to the state.

Apr 19 2017
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PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center
It’s not clear if a TV report about deadly MRSA transmissions at PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center is connected to the departures of two system directors from the Catholic healthcare nonprofit. PeaceHealth has shed a number of high-level officials over the past two years.

Two high-level system directors have left PeaceHealth, amid reports of deadly infections that prompted a federal investigation of the nonprofit Catholic healthcare giant’s Longview, Washington, hospital.

Apr 14 2017
Nurses at the 21-bed PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center are seeking higher pay and better security. But negotiations have also revealed frustrations with the Catholic health chain’s approach to administration.

After months of negotiation, the 75 nurses who staff PeaceHealth Peace Harbor Medical Center in coastal Florence still have no union contract with their employer.

Apr 7 2017
Zoom will be submitting to the Division of Financial Regulation a plan to wind down its insurance business effective Dec. 31, 2017. The

Zoom Health Plan has notified the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Division of Financial Regulation of its intent to withdraw from the individual and small group insurance markets in 2018. 

Apr 6 2017
With U.S. law prohibiting the Oregon Health Authority from negotiating directly with drug makers to lower prices, the state is taking a complex multi-front approach, the authority’s chief medical officer told the Oregon Health Policy Board.

Oregon’s efforts to rein in prescription spending have shown promising early results, despite federal rules that limit drug price negotiations, the Oregon Health Authority’s chief medical officer said Tuesday.

Apr 4 2017
Oregon Senate Chamber
This week in Oregon, major healthcare groups and boards are grappling with the continued fallout of the failure of the American Health Care Act, and trying to stay on top of state legislation. Meanwhile, the governor has named people to a number of health-related boards.

Here are some quick looks at healthcare happenings in Oregon this week.

Apr 3 2017
For the time being, a volunteer working board is in charge.

Upstream Public Health is on the verge of being revitalized following an earlier decision to close it down because of financial difficulties.

Mar 31 2017
SB 367 will allow an easier trade of information between physicians when a corrections officer comes into contact with an inmate’s bodily fluid to know if the prisoner carried Hepatitis C or HIV. But a discussion about the risks of HIV and Hep C painted the picture that the prison workers must be quarantined even though their real chance of transmission is low.

The Senate unanimously passed a bill Wednesday designed to protect corrections officers from exposure to HIV or Hepatitis C, but discussion around the bill may have sensationalized the risk of acquiring these diseases.

Mar 29 2017