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Learn what's being done to confront the healthcare workforce shortages at the breakfast forum sponsored by Oregon Health Forum.
Oregon faces a serious workforce shortage. In the next few years, 20 percent of physicians intend to retire, as do many other healthcare workers. 
Feb 21 2018
Come check out our other great jobs from Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette, National University of Natural Medicine, ATRIO Health, Washington County, Salem Clinic, The Coalition of Community Health Clinics, and more.

Familias en Acciòn is seeking a permanent Executive Director to continue the growth and expansion of the health navigation and education services provided to Latino families and culturally responsi

Feb 21 2018
An infant with a cochlear implant.
Insurers will have to cover children’s cochlear implants in both ears and software upgrades if the bill that passed the House this week also gains Senate approval.

Stefan Roggendorf testified this week before the House Health Committee in a crisp plaid shirt. He’s 11 years old, a 6th grader at Lake Oswego Junior High School, a straight-A student and a lacrosse player.

Feb 16 2018
A separate bill to require health insurers to be more transparent about costs and formularies for consumers did not pass. Drugmakers, who helped spur the opioid crisis, are now profiting off the epidemic by jacking up the price of overdose treatment Naloxone.

The House Health Committee cleared the drug manufacturer transparency bill on a 8-2 vote, with Republicans Rep. Knute Buehler of Bend and Rep. Rich Vial of Wilsonville joining the Democrats in the effort to force drug companies to explain the escalating rise in drug prices.

Feb 9 2018
State lawmakers are likely to consider drug-price transparency bills this year in Connecticut, Michigan, Oregon, Washington and New Jersey, to name just a few.

It was expected to be a perfunctory statehouse meeting — three lobbyists and a legislator discussing a proposal to educate Louisiana doctors about the price of drugs they prescribe.

Feb 7 2018

A recent Centers for Disease Control report shows the number of drug overdose deaths in Oregon as of June, 2017 decreased to 480 from 521 the previous 12 months. The decrease in drug overdose deaths is also true across several other Western states including California, Washington, and Utah.

Feb 7 2018
Currently, people lose their Oregon Health Plan coverage when they enter the state mental hospital and must wait to have their insurance reinstated upon discharge. A change in law could provide a boost to CCOs, since they can’t be billed for care received in the state hospital.

Oregon State Hospital officials have a new strategy for ensuring patients do not have to worry about their health insurance when they leave -- never cutting off their Medicaid coverage in the first place.

Feb 7 2018
Joe Robertson, who was appointed to lead OHSU in 2006, has opted to collect his Public Employees Retirement System pension rather than a paycheck as he serves his final year in office.

Oregon Health & Science University is moving swiftly in its search for a president to replace longtime leader Joe Robertson, who announced in October that he will retire at the end of this a

Feb 5 2018
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Although FamilyCare stopped operating as a coordinated care organization on Jan. 31, it is still suing the Oregon Health Authority in state court over rate-setting for Medicaid. Now the Oregon Health Authority’s director has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the nonprofit.

The Oregon Health Authority has sued FamilyCare in federal court, out of apparent concern that the former coordinated care organization’s continuing dispute with the state could jeopardize 2018 Medicaid agreements with Oregon’s 15 surviving CCOs.

Feb 2 2018
Rep. Mitch Greenlick said Tuesday’s 62-38 vote in support of Measure 101 gives momentum to his November ballot measure, declaring healthcare a right to all Oregonians. Opponents of Measure 101 say the outsize money spent against them explains the lack of support for campaign finance reform.

House Democrat Mitch Greenlick of Portland did not mince words in his response to the 62-38 passage of Measure 101, which will keep the Or

Jan 24 2018