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After three presentations to the Oregon Health Policy Board, the state still has made little progress on efforts to collaborate, reduce spending.

Members of the Oregon Health Policy Board expressed frustration this week with the slow pace of efforts to hold down public spending on prescription drugs.

Sep 15 2017
But as more serious disasters in Florida and Texas show, questions remain about how prepared Oregon will be for a disaster that affects more people.

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have been like a post-traumatic shock for a country that survived Hurricane Katrina, which took the lives of 215 people in nursing homes and hospitals, often because the system was not prepared to look out for these people.

Sep 15 2017

A key Senate committee Wednesday launched a set of hearings intended to lead to a short-term, bipartisan bill to shore up the troubled individual health insurance market, but a diverse group of state insurance commissioners united around some solutions that were not necessarily on the table.

Sep 8 2017
Despite these reforms, specific transparency efforts in healthcare have had more mixed results.

Ordinarily, a person’s medical records ought to be off limits to the public. On that, everyone agrees: The journalist who requested them, the state agencies who fought to keep them confidential, and the Oregon deputy attorney general (AG) who ordered the most relevant records disclosed, explaining: “This is a unique case.”

Sep 6 2017
A settlement between Zoom Management and the state of Oregon could be imminent.

As a settlement draws near between Zoom Management and the state of Oregon after its affiliate, Zoom Health Plan, failed to pay $3 million in exchange for a surplus note, employees are raising conc

Sep 6 2017

With insurance premiums rising and national efforts at health reform in turmoil, a group of 50 state bureaucrats whom many voters probably can’t name have considerable power over consumers’ health plans: state insurance commissioners.

Sep 6 2017

President Donald Trump has insisted for months that “Obamacare is already dead.”

Sep 1 2017
No one is willing to speak on the record but conversations are definitely taking place.

A settlement could be imminent between the state of Oregon and Zoom Health Plan to recover $3 million after its affiliate Zoom Management Inc. failed to pay the money in late 2016 in exchange for a surplus note, but never did.

Independent sources have told The Lund Report that a settlement agreement will likely happen by late September. Beyond recovering the $3 million, other penalties could be imposed that affect Zoom’s co-founders and majority stakeholders, Drs. Dave Sanders and Albert DiPiero.

Sep 1 2017
The Oregon Health Authority begins the Labor Day weekend with a changing of the guard as Lynne Saxton, Mark Fairbanks, Dr. Varsha Chauhan and BethAnne Darby leave while a new team from the Department of Consumer & Business Services takes over, along with Gov. Brown’s top health advisor, Jeremy Vandehey.

Outgoing Department of Consumer & Business Services Director Pat Allen will be cleaning house at the Oregon Health Authority and bringing some of his top lieutenants with him as he takes over as interim director on Friday.

Sep 1 2017
As the state government implements HB 2391 and designs programs to stabilize health insurance rates, the Republican firebrand from the south Portland suburbs is hoping to get 59,000 signatures to allow voters a chance to sign off on the funding package for Medicaid and market stabilization.

Some legislators might be taking an extended holiday this summer after finishing work in the 2017 marathon session on July 7, but not Republican Rep. Julie Parrish of West Linn and Tualatin.

Aug 30 2017