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Coyner left voluntarily, the Oregon Health Authority says. Her departure after a year and a half in the job follows heavy criticism of the state’s Medicaid re-enrollment process.

A year and a half after being named Oregon’s state Medicaid director, Lori Coyner has left state government—leaving David Simnitt, who has been the Oregon Health Authority’s health policy director, to fill the role on an interim basis until a new Medicaid director is hired.

Jul 18 2017

Senate Republican leaders Thursday released their revised bill to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, but they acknowledged that furious days of negotiation have not yet secured the 50 votes necessary to pass the measure over unanim

Jul 14 2017

Counties with the highest opioid prescription levels in the U.S. tend to have small cities and a higher percentage of white residents. They also have a high unemployment rate, more doctors and more people living with arthritis and disabilities.

Jul 7 2017

In 2012, Parkview Healthcare Center’s history of safety violations led California regulators to issue an ultimatum reserved for the most dangerous nursing homes.

Jul 7 2017

BEND, Ore. – St. Charles Bend is the first hospital between Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area to offer MitraClip, a non-surgical treatment option for mitral regurgitation.

Jul 3 2017
State officials say they hope to convince some health insurance companies to return – especially to Douglas, Lane, Lincoln and Tillamook counties, where Providence is the only company offering individual plans on marketplace exchanges next year.

Rural Oregonians will have fewer health insurance options than ever in 2018, unless state officials are able to lure back companies that have opted to leave many small regions behind.

Jul 3 2017
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The hospital and university system’s spending plan for July 2017 through June 2018 includes heavy capital spending, an also a continuing focus on keeping expenses down as revenue growth slows.

After two years of rapid growth, Oregon Health & Science University ability to meet demand for its services is running into capacity constraints, and the pay OHSU’s hospital receives for care is curbing as well, prompting the state’s largest healthcare institution to approve a budget on Thurs

Jun 30 2017
Both its in-house attorney and the quality assurance manager have left the network of clinics, while an investigation into Zoom’s related health plans continues.

ZOOM+, which runs more than 20 neighborhood clinics in the Portland and Seattle metropolitan areas, lost two high-level executives in June.

Lauren Wallace who was hired by CEO Dave Sanders as general consul, stepped down following a 10-month stint. She was hired in August 2016.

Jun 30 2017
The Catholic health insurer won an agreement that allows it to stand as the only participant in the insurance market that does not pay for abortions, as the state sets up a process to set up a work-around for these procedures.

The Committee on Ways & Means has cleared the women’s comprehensive health bill on a party-line vote, setting up an emotional floor debate at the end of the session.

Jun 30 2017
The Obamcare repeal is projected to send individual health market consumers running for the exits, which would leave health insurers stuck covering only the sickest, most desperate people, leading to a death spiral, according to Pat Allen, the director of the Department of Consumer & Business Services.

A top Oregon state health insurance official told reporters on Wednesday that he anticipates Trumpcare would send the individual market into a death spiral if enacted, sending younger and healthier people fleeing and only the most desperate and sickest consumers left buying health insurance.

Jun 29 2017