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WASHINGTON March 24, 2009 — The health insurance industry offered Tuesday for the first time to curb its controversial practice of charging higher premiums to people with a history of medical problems.

Oct 22 2008
A former hospital and health plan leader calls for individual responsibility
Perhaps we’re on the edge of significant change. Indeed we’ve reached a tipping point where anything must be better than this.
Oct 22 2008

As Oregon lawmakers mull over the idea of moving toward a system that eventually requires insurers to cover everybody, they might want to consider lessons learned from our neighbors to the north… that is, Washington not Canada. (We aren’t going that far).

Oct 22 2008
It’s time to reveal the facts – coupled with critical analysis – and give consumers the tools and information they need.

Our country spends more on healthcare than any other industrialized country, with costs absorbing 16 percent of our GNP (gross national product). If current trends hold, that percentage is expected to increase to 25 percent by the year 2015.

Oct 15 2008