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While most media are focusing on the cybersecurity and data breach implications in this incident, there is a much more dangerous issue that needs to be addressed and it could endanger lives.

The cyber-attack, using a ransomware bug known as WannaCry, appears to have used an NSA exploit known as “Eternal Blue” that was disclosed on the web by Shadow Brokers.  Microsoft released a patch earlier this year to address the vulnerability, but it appears that a number of hospitals and other

May 12 2017

The mental health crisis in Oregon is ongoing and unforgiving. For veterans, specifically, there are too few programs dedicated to ensuring our continued recovery from combat.

Apr 17 2017
At Thursday’s Oregon Health & Science University Board of Directors meeting Chairwoman Maria Pope applauded OHSU leaders for taking a principled stand against the American Health Care Act. These are her remarks, slightly edited for online clarity.

I’m proud of OHSU and its principled leadership in our community during a fractious political period in our country that has direct impacts on OHSU. Specifically, I appreciate President Joe Robertson having articulated the institution’s opposition to the American Health Care Act.

Apr 7 2017
Guest opinion: The Affordable Care Act is fatally flawed, the president of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity argues.

In 2016, four insurance providers (LifeWise, Oregon’s Co-Op, Trillium, and Zoom+) left the Oregon Affordable Care Act’s exchange. Choice has been narrowing for those who have to buy from health exchanges all across country, and Oregon is no exception.

Apr 6 2017
This letter was sent to President Trump on March 13, 2017.

OPINIION -- The undersigned are former Chairs of the American Bar Association Health Law Section, an organization whose membership includes approximately 10,000 lawyers, associate members and law students.

Mar 24 2017
It’s time for Oregon policymakers to stop whistling past the graveyard and fast track much needed legislation to end the opioid abuse epidemic, according to the author.

OPINION -- It will take more than wishful thinking and good intentions to end Oregon’s opioid abuse epidemic.

Mar 21 2017
Consumers urgently need a comprehensive solution to rising healthcare costs, and the AHCA not only doesn’t get us there, the author contends.

OPINION -- I am increasingly concerned that Congress may be about to make a historic mistake that could raise costs and degrade the quality of healthcare for countless Oregonians—all without seriously taking on any of the myriad problems in our healthcare system.

Mar 21 2017
Bill would expand reproductive care access -- with abortion becoming a sticking point amongst religious healthcare providers

Guest Opinion-  Life comes with many shades of gray. When people confront tragedies and circumstances beyond their control, they have to make difficult choices that may shake their moral compass.

Mar 17 2017
Cost growth leaves us no choice but to challenge our fundamental assumptions. Our current approach generates more cost than value. We can shift how we integrate and take advantage of natural forces. This last article in the series points to a new platform grounded in today’s system science and experience.

OPINION- Today’s centralized networks cannot keep pace with the natural co-evolution of healthcare’s complex environment. What we know from system science and industry experience is that we need networks that can adapt and evolve with the environment.

Feb 22 2017
The organization reacted to a story that appeared in The Lund Report on balanced billing.

In the article, “Insurance Commissioner Tackles Surprise Balance Billing for Consumers,” we first acknowledge and applaud the Oregon legislature’s serious efforts to protect consumers from balance billing for emergency and surprise bills.

Feb 17 2017